The Seattle Seahawks' annihilation of the Denver Broncos on Sunday (Feb. 2) made for one of the weakest Super Bowls in recent memory.

However, how many would've thought Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers' halftime performance would be the highlight of the Super Bowl Sunday?

It turns out the concert made history. The Bruno Mars-led performance attracted 115.3 million viewers, making it the most watched Super Bowl performance of all time. Madonna was the previous record holder when 114 million watched her take the stage with Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. two years ago. Beyonce had 110.8 million viewers last year.

The game itself, as lackluster as it was with Seattle's 43-8 win over Denver, pulled in an average of 115.5 million viewers.

On a related note, Prince also pulled in big numbers with his appearance on 'New Girl,' which aired directly after the Super Bowl. The 25.8 viewers he helped pulled in is significantly higher than the numbers of last year's post-Super Bowl show, 'Elementary.'

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