Metallica came out with their Blackened Whiskey that was distilled with their music playing loudly, now Budweiser has borrowed the idea for special Detroit brews.

Metallica are not just the kings of metal but the kings of marketing when it comes to big bands. You can say the same thing for Budweiser who has been famous for its commercial's over the years, especially those ran during the NFL's Superbowl.

A few years back, Metallica got into the whiskey making business when they launched their Metallica "Blackened" Whiskey. During the distilling process, Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo said, "I call the process 'the mash pit' because there's a molecular structure that is somehow mixed in with the sound and vibration." This then becomes a unique blend that became the "Blackened" whiskey brand.

I have not had a shot of the Blackened whiskey but from those I know who have, swear its the best whiskey they've ever had.

Well now it looks like the 'King of Beers' has taken one from the 'Kings of Metal' with Budweiser using sound to brew a special beer just for the city of Detroit. This marks the first time Budweiser have ever changed the way their beer is brewed.

According to FOX 17, Budweiser is launching limited edition Detroit Music tall boy cans that were brewed with speakers surrounding the tanks while playing music that is from the city of Detroit.

This is similar to how Metallica has their Blackened whiskey distilled, their music played loud around the barrel's.

Budweiser used music from Alice Cooper for a batch of brew and music from the Temptations for another batch.

Each can is decorated with Detroit skyline with the title "Detroit, Motor City Music" using headphones and records with the can either having a Rock or R&B label on them.

There are only making 500 cans of this special brew with each can marked with a number out of 500 on it.

So if you want to score one of these tall boys, you better act extremely fast before they wind up going for 1000s on eBay.


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