Let's share the latest in social distancing with the bars and restaurants opening Friday in the U.P. and around Traverse City.

While Maryland bars and still waiting for the go ahead to open - a beach bar called "Fish Tales" is already thinking ahead. And here's their latest Fish Tale - rubber bumper bars seats on wheels.

Looks like you'll be able party all you want and not fall flat on your face. But a little warning, with those wheels you may have to be careful not to park it on a down slope.

You stand in the middle of a table on wheels surrounded by a big six-foot inner tube. No word on how many of these booze bumpers they will have on hand. And if nothing more this was a good publicity stunt for the restaurant.


So how many drinks will it take over Memorial Day weekend for this bar to turn into a bumper cars. And you know someone will walk out in the water too and see if they float. I can see people racing each other too or someone will try to get pulled behind a boat or wave runner.

Right now "Fish Tales" can only provide take-out, but when they are waiting on the word from their Governor and then Party On!

Fish Tales is located in Ocean City, Maryland is just east of the Baltimore Washington DC area on the Chesapeake Bay.

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