Much like the potato chips made with the oil that lowered the calories, but went right through you, companies want to try and sell you lower fat versions of things that taste great with lots of fat. Pop, fried goods, sweets--it's a nice try, but come on. Our arteries have been hardening since the cavemen realized you could fry a twig and it tasted better.

So now Burger King is trying it with fries. From "News: Burger King - New Satisfries" Yes, they are calling them "Satisfries" Righhhtttt.

"According to the company, Satisfries are made with thinly-battered whole potatoes and the lower fat and calorie count is achieved by a new batter that doesn't absorb as much oil as regular fries. They're also cooked in the same fryers, for the same amount of time as regular fries.

The suggested retail price for the new fries are slightly higher than regular fries (by about 30 cents) and starts at $1.29 for the value size and goes up to $2.29 for a large order."

Im not going to say anything more until I try them. For real.

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