This is truly a sad, sad day in American history:  We've allowed Burt Reynolds (and his mustache) to fall so far that he has to sell off all of his stuff to get by. He's auctioning off almost 700 items in Las Vegas next month. And yes, you can bid on them online.

They include:

  • A jacket and shirt he wore in Smokey and the Bandit 2.
  • Football helmets from The Longest Yard (the original and the remake.)
  • Monogrammed boots from the 1996 classic(?) Striptease.
  • He's also selling vehicles, sports collectibles, autographs he's received from other celebrities, guns, and awards including an Emmy from the TV show Evening Shade and a Golden Globe from Boogie Nights.

Reynolds underwent back surgery in 2009 and quintuple bypass in 2010. He's currently writing a memoir that'll be out next fall, and he's been teaching acting classes in Florida.  He's 78 years old.

(I think my favorite item is the "Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am GO KART.  Or maybe these sweet chaps. Check out everything Burt's selling here.)