With kids at home from school, Kenowa Hills in Walker, Michigan, has gotten creative in keeping their meals dialed in by school bus drivers dropping off food to kids.

According to WOOD, school bus driver for Kenowa Hills Public Schools, Alyssa Mieras said, "I know that the kids and the parents really do appreciate it."

Many kids rely on their school lunch. Kenowa school bus drivers have been volunteering their time to drop off breakfast and lunch to students at their home.

Mieras said, "it is not fair for those that have a steady income to support the families that they do have, and those that don't have it are laid off because of the virus that's going around."

Kenowa School superintendent Gerald Hopkins says he's glad that during this difficult time for parents that the school has found a way to help out.

Hopkins said, "that's what we do, we try to make the most of every situation and try to get better every day."

"Even though the crisis situation that we're in for the whole United States, let alone just Michigan, a helping hand goes a really long way," said Mieras.

If you need to get meals during this difficult time while the school shutdown is going you can click here for locations.

Until the shutdown ends, volunteers will be delivering breakfast and lunch weekdays to the kids.

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