Butler University is protecting its students, but not in the way you might think.

The private Indianapolis university is the first college in the country that has bought identity protection for all 4,500 of its students.

Now, before you think the school is progressive on the technology front or a forward-thinking tech-based university, think again.

Thanks to a privacy breach, nearly 163,000 alumni, students, staff and even people who just attended Butler sporting events had to be notified. And because of that, Butler is providing a year's free identity protection after the hacking.

"Everyone who received a letter about the incident got a free one-year membership to an identity protection agency," Butler said.

Just think, the people who were extras in the movie "Hoosiers," which was filmed on Butler's campus, might have been involved in this. Come on! Gene Hackman was in that movie. He's a national acting treasure in a wool cap.