Precocious Cameron Renshaw is only 9, but he can play cello WAY better than you. Here's nationally televised proof.

Renshaw, who has played the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York City five times already, was invited to show his skills off on the Ellen Show back in March, but the pandemic pushed it back.

But Tuesday afternoon, Renshaw finally made it to the small screen to impress Ellen with his cello playing.

The well behaved Renshaw thanked Ellen profusely for allowing him to play on her highly rated talk show. Renshaw also told Ellen he sees color when he plays, and admitted he likes 70s and 80s music like 'Eye of the Tiger' by Survivor.

He also told her he will be dressing like his favorite 'Infinity War' character, Iron Man, for Halloween.

And then he played his cello. Beautiful.

Ellen rewarded Cameron with a gift pertaining to his Halloween wish after his performance.

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