We have all seen so many changes in the way we do everyday things due to the coronavirus pandemic.

From working from home, to social distancing, and only being able to get take-out food at restaurants, to wearing masks at banks (who would have ever thought that would happen!)

Now I’ve been able to adapt to most of these changes without much problem.

The change I’m having the biggest time adjusting to are the one-way aisles at the grocery store!

I understand their purpose...it is to keep everyone moving in the same direction and keeping their distance from each other.

I’m sure this technique works great if you are one of those shoppers who go up and down EVERY aisle, however, I am NOT that kind of shopper.

When I head to the grocery store, I usually have list and go in, get what I need, and get out!

I’m skipping a few aisles and just hitting the ones where I need an item. That makes following these markers on the floor very tough for me. To follow the rules, I find myself having to go down aisles I wasn’t planning on walking down, so that I can properly come back in the proper direction in the aisle I need.

I’m sure the stores like this problem I’m having because I’m spending more time in their store and walking down the aisles I probably would not have visited otherwise.

Everytime I go the wrong way down a one way aisle, I keep looking over my shoulder. I keep expecting to see someone riding up behind me on a motorized shopping cart with a red flashing light and a siren!

“Do you know why I pulled you over?”

“Yes Officer, I needed a can of soup and didn’t want to have to walk down the breakfast cereal aisle to get it. Please don’t give me a ticket. I”ll do better next time.”

Yep, I am a rule breaker!

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