A magnet fisherman in Grand Rapids says he has already yanked five scooters out of the Grand River. 

Adam Gross has been pulling metallic objects out of the Grand River with a magnet for 13 years, and he says he knew what was coming when the city announced the scooter rental program last year: His magnet would be yanking up scooters.

And it has...five so far.

Gross told WZZM-13 News, "It was only a matter of time because they’re just so easy to pick up, and people are just parking them anywhere. So I just knew. So people can see and be aware if you are going to use these, not park them by the river and not to park them by the bridges."

Or along the trail at Riverside Park, where I saw three scooters parked near the Grand River on Sunday.

"I don’t like it. It’s our river. It’s the reason why we are Grand Rapids. It’s just not right for them to be tossing them in," he said.

And there's this video of a scooter on top of roof on the West Side.

What the hell is the matter with people? Just put them back where you got them. Is it that hard?

People's habit of leaving the scooters wherever they feel like it has even sparked an Instagram account dedicated to documenting it. GR_ScootsOnTheLoose has documented scooters all over the city. Many of them are pictured laying on their sides, though one was shown parked in a parking spot at a local establishment.

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