Gas Prices have been sitting at some of the highest prices we've seen for a couple of weeks here in West Michigan, and if you commute at all on the regular, you're probably feeling the pains in your wallet. And while we want to remain optimistic, it seems like we're stuck in this pattern for the foreseeable future.

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So maybe you're thinking: it's about time to go electric. Some stats show that the current count of electric cars worldwide is somewhere near 5.6 million, with the number leaping upwards more every year.

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And if you find yourself reciting the same old line of "but where will I charge it?", your argument is almost null. The US predicts that by 2024, 38% of fuel areas will include EV charging.

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West Michigan is already primed to take the lead when it comes to electric vehicles. Not only is Grand Rapids the first city in the western part of the state to have a Tesla dealership thanks to the plant that Tesla once had here, but we also have a large number of charging stations.

Where can I charge my electric car in Grand Rapids?

To make it easy on you, if you can find a Meijer location: you can find a EV charging station. If you're a homeowner, you can also install a hookup and a lot of parking garages downtown now offer charging as well.

What about distance? Won't you have to stop constantly?

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Nope, in fact electric cars are gaining more and more battery life each year. The newest base model, the Tesla Model 3, can go up to 358 miles on a full charge without using gasoline. That could get you from the Michigan / Indiana state line all the way to the tip of the UP with some charge left.

Are electric cars expensive?

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Not anymore - while it used to be nearly a six figure investment to get an electric car, now you can have one of your own for less than the cost of most mid-range gas powered vehicles. In fact, a brand new base model version of the Tesla Model 3 will start you at $46,000. However, if you don't mind a gently loved version, you can find a used one for as low as $25k.

So as you consider your next vehicle- consider this: experts predict that gas prices will likely not get back down where they were before. So you have two choices: keep on the same path, or save in the long run with an electric vehicle. Good luck, and happy shopping!

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