Hint: It's not Eminem (he actually wasn't even born in Michigan), Mike Posner, or Ted Nugent.  In fact, it's not Kid Rock, Stevie Wonder, or Iggy Pop either.  So, who is it then?

It's Madonna!  That's right, The Queen of Pop is Michigan's top selling artist, with 305,786,000 total albums sold, 8 number 1 albums, and over $1 Billion of revenue from live concerts.  Madonna was born on August 16, 1958 in Bay City, Michigan.

Nicholas Hunt, Getty Images
Nicholas Hunt, Getty Images

Madonna beat out a very notable list of Michigan born artists that include:  The White Stripes, The Temptations, Barry Gordy, The Supremes and dozens more.  Come to think of it, Michigan has a ton of well known musicians who claim this beautiful state as their home.

A recent post on Reddit found each state's best selling artist and a few of the results are quite interesting.  First of all, Eminem is the best selling artist for a state, but that state is not Michigan.  It turns out that Eminem was born in Missouri, thus he is the Show-Me State's best selling artist.  Unsurprisingly, Chicago is Illinois' best selling artist, Kansas is the best selling artist for Kansas, and the Eagles are California's golden goose of a band.

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