Can you guess which city in Michigan was ranked the worst to live in? Hint: Even though the water was poison for months on end, it's not Flint.

If you guessed Detroit, you are exactly right! Despite Detroit having plenty of good news coming out of it lately with more and more money being poured into the downtown via new stadiums, businesses, and residents moving downtown, the city still has a long way to go.

24/7 Wall St. created a list of the worst cities to live in every state and after looking at some of the other cities on the list, it seems that Detroit just might be the absolute worst of any state. According to their article, Detroit has lost 1.1 million people in the last 60+ years and now has a poverty rate of 39.8%. To put that into perspective, when Detroit was at its peak in 1950, it was the 4th largest city in the country with 1.8 million residents and it was also the wealthiest city by income per capita.

It's crazy how far the city has declined, and is understandable that it was ranked the worst city to live in Michigan. But hopefully the city is on the incline and will eventually be a thriving metropolis again.

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