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Citizens Of Walker Michigan FB
Citizens Of Walker Michigan FB

Alicia is the mother of a sweet 5-year-old named Anderson who has been on dialysis since 2017 and is in desperate need of a kidney transplant.

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Alicia told WZZM 13 that she and Anderson drive from Big Rapids to The Helen Devos Children's Hospital in downtown Grand Rapids three times a week for Anderson to undergo dialysis treatment which is typically four hours in length.

Anderson has needed a new kidney after experiencing complications from a heart transplant he had at the age of one. Despite having such a rough start in life things were actually looking really good for Anderson. Last November he was added to the transplant list and several people stepped up to try and donate a kidney.

They found a woman who was a good donor match for Anderson but she ended up contracting Covid-19. Then not too long after that Anderson himself also caught Covid-19 and had been slowly recovering from it.

Alicia is hopeful that someone will give Anderson another shot and step up to see if they're a match to donate a kidney. They're looking for a potential donor with a blood type that's O or B (+/-) If you think you might be a match for Anderson you can reach out and call the Moreno Family at (231) 527-8132

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