Most pro athletes get a bad rap. Money grubbers. Spoiled. WAY overpaid. One group though that usually fares better are athletes from Canada. Hockey players are generally regarded as more humble an down to earth. Now the same can be said for Canadian football players too.

Even though Adam Bighill went to college in the US, he's picked up the way of the Canadian athlete well. From the story in Yahoo "CFL Linebacker Makes Classy Offer To Fans"

"44 was a "sacred number" during Adam Bighill's collegiate days at Central Washington University. It was passed down by teammates to each year's new leader of the defense. So when that number opened up on the Canadian Football League's B.C. Lions, Bighill was happy to make the switch. There was only one problem. The linebacker recently noticed a fan wearing his old No. 50 jersey, and he felt bad that the man's jersey was outdated. So he bought the fan a new jersey and signed it. And he told the Vancouver Sun that the offer stands for any fans who currently have Bighill's No. 50.

'I’ve said they can give me the 50, and I’ll buy them the 44,' Bighill said. 'If I was a fan, I’d be upset if I just bought someone’s jersey and they flipped numbers. So if they want to wear my number, I’ll give them the right one.'"

Stay Classy Vancouver. Your football player is.