With a quick walk down any candy aisle, you'll notice a change in the sweet treats. The candy bars that you know and love are ALL getting a reboot.

M&M's used to be plain, or peanut. Now you can try caramel and brownie flavored. Hershey chocolate bars were milk or dark chocolate with or without almonds. Now, white chocolate enters the mix. Sure Reese Cups take on new shapes during the holidays but the classic taste really hasn't changed...until now. And even Snickers is getting in on the action.

WFGR's , JoJo Girard had a candy bar Taste Test Tuesday. He was presented with classic candy bars that have all gone through an alternative take.

He tried a Snickers with peanut brownie. He ate a Reese Big Cup with pretzels. He tasted a Mint & Dark Chocolate Kit Kat. And begrudgingly, he sampled a white chocolate Hershey bar with almonds. He said the Mint and Dark Chocolate KitKat tasted like Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.

With the exception of the white chocolate Hershey bar, JoJo liked the reboot of all the candy. Here's how he ranked them...

Do you like the new twist or do you prefer the classic renditions?

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