Serious question: Does any single entertainer have such complete dominion over their chosen field as Weird Al Yankovic wields over the song parody? Skeptics may scoff that musical spoofery is a stupid thing to become really, really, virtuosically good at, but the point stands that Yankovic has completely and totally mastered his preferred art form. So when the producers behind the upcoming film adaptation of the Captain Underpants chapter book series needed to find a talent for their theme music, of course their choice was obvious. In no insignificant way, Weird Al Yankovic was born to write a peppy pop tune about tightened-whiteys.

DreamWorks has given fans an early peek at the Weird Al-penned theme tune in advance of the film’s June 2 release, and it’s just as stupidly clever as we’ve come to expect. The song covers all the bases, breaking down our half-naked hero’s origin story (a pair of elementary school hooligans voiced by Thomas Middleditch and Kevin Hart hypnotize their Ed Helms-voiced principle into thinking he’s a toilet-humor-themed crimefighter) while running through his rogues’ gallery. And of course, there are plenty of mentions of the Captain’s inspiring battle cry of “Tra la laaaa!”

This doesn’t constitute Weird Al’s first foray into theme music composition for Hollywood, either. It wasn’t so long ago that he contributed the all-important title song for the Leslie Nielsen espionage parody Spy Hard. It’s Friday, you’ve worked hard all week, and you deserve a tight five-minute break. Take a look:

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