Fox 17 reports that next summer if you decide to keep Unlimited Personal Injury Protection on your car insurance, you’ll pay less than this year.

Currently, the car fee is $100, but starting next summer drivers who keep the extra injury protection will only cost $86 a vehicle. As of this past July, it's not optional to keep the unlimited coverage, modified coverage, or no extra coverage at all. Prior to this summer, it was mandatory for Michigan residents to have as part of their auto insurance coverage.

Fox 17 says the 14% fee reduction was announced Wednesday by the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association. Which said the fee reduction is because of health care cost controls and other changes which are because of the 2019 law that reformed car insurance in Michigan.

The Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association, according to Fox 17, is a state-created nonprofit which has the purpose of reimbursing auto insured when medical claims exceed $580,000.

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