Thanks to a Christmas 'angel', Elliot the cat will live to see another holiday.

Elliot, the name given to the cat by Big Lake Community Animal Clinic in Muskegon that's caring for the cat, was found frozen to the ground the morning after the big storm hit the area. A Christmas 'angel', named Kelly, discovered the sweet animal and stepped in to save him.

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The clinic shared Elliot's story and rescue on its Facebook page describing the dire condition the poor animal was in.

"Kelly found this poor older boy frozen to the ground at Laketon and Wood St. this morning. She brought him to Big Lake Animal Clinic for them to check for a chip and help in saving him", they wrote. "When he arrived at the clinic, his body temp was only 94 degrees, and his eyes had crusted shut. Life-saving treatment was started immediately by the vet and staff, with warm IV fluids, warming him up, cleaning his eyes, and checking for any injuries, then monitored".
As soon as news broke of the rescue, inquiries on how to help or even adopt the sweet boy rolled in along with thanks and love to Kelly for saving his life.
Big Lake Community Animal Clinic has been keeping the public updated on the little fighter, and he is improving more each day.
"He sat up this morning to eat a little and was reaching his paw out to the vet tech caring for him. This evening he stood up to eat some more food", they posted on Tuesday. 
Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook
Elliot, who was named after the storm he survived, may have an owner out there and the clinic is asking anyone who recognizes the cat to please contact Big Lake Animal Clinic at 231-799-1074. You can also call the clinic if you are interested in helping with his medical costs. There is no doubt that if his owners aren't found Elliot will have no idea being adopted.
Blessed with a good samaritan guardian angel, Elliot's scariest day turned out to be one of his best filled with lots of love.

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