The ride-sharing service “Uber” is now live in Grand Rapids!

So, how does Uber work?

Registered Uber drivers use their personal vehicles, year 2000 or newer, to give folks a lift!

Each Uber driver uses GPS, so through Uber’s mobile app you can see which cars are nearest you. Just select that car and Uber is on their way!

The entire transaction is done through their mobile device, from hailing your ride to paying your driver.

Grand Rapids is among four Michigan cities to launch Uber today, along with Lansing, Flint, and Kalamazoo.

Uber was supposed to officially launch in Ann Arbor as well, but is currently at a stalemate with city officials who have issued a cease and desist.

Grand Rapids city officials have yet to form an opinion on Uber operations in the city and local taxi drivers are unsure of how Uber will affect their business as they don’t fall under the same restrictions as taxis.

I’ve heard of Uber being used in big cities like L.A. and Chicago, so I’m excited to get the chance to try it out for myself!

If you create an account with Uber right now you can receive up to five rides free with a special offer code "MICHFREE."