10 Things To Do This Weekend

The B.O.B., Including Judsons, Re-Opening Today
The B.O.B. - The Big Old Building on the corner of Fulton & Monroe is re-opening today for the 2nd time. And sorry there's no pig roast this time, like when they re-opened on June 19.
After it totally makes sense for the BOB to re-open after seeing long lines down the street on Social Ho…
Virtual Wine Tasting in Grand Rapids
Love this idea The Reserve is doing a Virtual Wine Tasting this Saturday at 4pm.
So here's how it works - you buy the wines at The Reserve and then register online for the Zoom call. This really sounds like a fun and safe way to go wine tasting in the comfort of your own home...
The Farm to Table craze has been going on for over a decade. The idea is to Support Local Restaurants and businesses that have relationships with Michigan Farms or producers and then sell food, cheese and other items that's grown within 150 miles of home...
WFGR ’80s Party Weekend
The 80's Party Weekend gets underway today at 7 p.m. The Night Shift tonight with Craig Allen and continues all weekend.
Take WFGR with you this weekend and have your own 80's Party.
Here's a toast to The #1 songs from the '80s that you'll be enjoying on 98...
The weather has been perfect this week in West Michigan. So why not take advantage of all the options to do things outside in Downtown Grand Rapids.
FOOD TRUCKS: They're Back on Thursdays for Lunch Time.
Here are the rest of the options for dinner and drinks and you have plenty of options...
New Nicklaus Golf Course in Grand Haven
Heard some really good news from Jack Nicklaus himself while watching his Memorial Golf Tournament from Dublin, Ohio on the Golf Channel.
A new golf course called "American Dunes" designed by Jack Nicklaus is coming to Grand Haven. According to their website Jack is leading a noble …
Michigan Virtual Boat Show
How much fun is it to visit a boat show and dream about a boat. If you already have a boat you dream of a bigger boat and one that has more creature comforts. More seating, BBQ Grill on board, bigger motor so it goes faster, and one with a better stereo...
’80s Party Fourth of July Weekend
The 80's Party Fourth of July weekend gets underway today at 2 p.m. with Sarah Sullivan and with Scott Winters at 3 p.m. followed by the Night Shift tonight with Craig Allen and continues all holiday weekend.
Here's a toast to The #1 songs from the '80s that you'll be en…
Steps For Summer Boating in Michigan
Here's a checklist of what you'll need to do before you head to the boat launch. You don't want to be that guy whose boat won't start holding up the other boats ready to go.
GR: Free Wine Tastings
Why wait until Wednesday for some wine tasting? Enjoy some free wine after work on Mondays.
House of Wine is open for business on 53 Monroe Center St NW right next to Brick & Porter. They were one of the lucky businesses downtown that only had spray paint and no broken windows and that's…
The B.O.B. Re-Opening Today & Friday
The BOB...The Big Old Building on the corner of Fulton & Monroe is opening today with a VIP Party and Friday with a Pig Roast and entertainment.
Today (Thursday) this is a VIP Party at 4 p.m. Their first day open and a celebration for VIP Gregslist Member. Di...
Wine Weds Idea Reserve is Re-Opening
If you're really craving a great meal and some great wine for Wine Weds - here's some great news. The Reserve in downtown Grand Rapids is re-opening starting tomorrow.
Arguably the best wine list available by the glass and in flights. And to ensure everyone's safety there will be …

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