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More Murals For Muskegon
A series of murals will soon decorate the Muskegon landscape. Muskegon, Muskegon Heights and Norton Shores will receive a touch of art on the railroad overpass bridges on Seaway Drive.
Tulip Time Planning For 2021
It may have been cancelled this year, however, organizers for Tulip Time are planning ahead for 2021. Millions of Tulips have been planted and are waiting to pop up this Spring.
Why Are There White Box Outlines on the Sidewalks Around GR?
This week mysterious white box outlines are going up all around GR and will be in surrounding neighborhoods soon. So what's going on? Is this some new outline for a bus stop? Nope the new area is called PARKING ZONE for ride on scooters, E-Bikes and sit on scooters, which I never seen...
The B.O.B., Including Judsons, Re-Opening Today
The B.O.B. - The Big Old Building on the corner of Fulton & Monroe is re-opening today for the 2nd time. And sorry there's no pig roast this time, like when they re-opened on June 19.
After it totally makes sense for the BOB to re-open after seeing long lines down the street on Social Ho…

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