GR Man Looking For A Date on TikTok
He's not alone. OK, he's alone...err...single... but doesn't want to be. TikTok now has over 689 million users worldwide so if you're gonna cast a net, why not go big? A West Michigan man has done just that.
The Most Michigander Phrase [VIDEO]
Every one of our great states in this wonderful country have their own personality. They each contain favorite landmarks, cities, traditions, food and recreation that help mold a states identity. What about phrases or sayings that are unique?
Are You A Pinball Wizard?
I've played the silver ball. From Soho down to Brighton and even to Rockford! Do you stand like a statue and feel the buzzers and bells. Try Pinball Land!
Top 10 Baby Names For Michigan Girls In The ’80s
Over the years, baby names come and go. Some names popularity will last for decades while others seem trendy and dated by the time baby is in high school. Traditional and biblical names always seem to hang around while fashionable names go out of style. If you were born in the '80s, did your na…
Jeep Omits the U.P. in Super Bowl Ad
If you watched the Super Bowl LV you might have noticed a Jeep commercial. The spot featured Bruce Springsteen and at the end, a map of the US. However, something was missing. Just gone. Not there!

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