The Most Michigander Phrase [VIDEO]
Every one of our great states in this wonderful country have their own personality. They each contain favorite landmarks, cities, traditions, food and recreation that help mold a states identity. What about phrases or sayings that are unique?
Michigan Birds Signaling The Arrival Of Spring
Hey Bird Nerds! The weather may still be cold. There is still a chill in the air, however, these birds are signaling the arrival of Spring. MLIVE reports that spring migration is underway and you'll be seeing more of these Michigan birds.
Michigan’s Signature Drink Is What?
ome states are synonymous with certain beverages. For example, if you are in California you might expect to sip a glass of red wine from the Napa Valley. Taking a trek around Seattle? You'd be right on target with a hot cup of Starbucks. So what would you be drinking in Michigan? You might thin…

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