One Hit Wonder Wednesday Night Shift – 1982
98.7 WFGR continues our journey through the One Hit Wonders of the '80s spotlighting 1982 tonight with Craig Allen on the Night Shift starting at 7:00 p.m.
MUSICAL YOUTH - PASS THE DUTCHIE: All these years I thought pass the dutchie meant pass the joint...
The Great Daryl Nathan has Died
Wearing his long haired wig and singing along to his Yamaha electronic keyboard, "The Great Daryl Nathan" was a big public access television star in Grand Rapids back in the 90s. It was posted on his fan Facebook page that the entertainer has passed away.
One Hit Wonder Wednesday on the Night Shift – 1980
Join 98.7 WFGR for One Hit Wonder Wednesday Night Shift with Craig Allen from 7:00 p.m. to Midnight.
This week we get back to the 1980s and start with the first year 1980. Here are five one hit wonders from 1980. Yes the '80s had one hit wonders
"American Top 40" Deja Vu
Do you remember the 1993 movie "Groundhog Day", starring Bill Murray? In the film, TV weatherman Phil Connors, would wake up to Sonny & Cher's "I Got You Babe" playing on his clock radio...everyday. The day kept repeating. We had our own "deja vu" recently.
Father’s Day Awesome ’80s Party Weekend.
This Father's Day Weekend it's The Awesome 80’s Party Weekend starting Friday at 2 pm with Sarah Sullivan, then Scott Winters at 3 pm and continues the Night Shift airs with Craig Allen.

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