Ride the Cedar Point Roller Coasters Virtually
This is usually the time of year we start to plan our annual trek to Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio. This year is so different... Because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the park remains closed. But you can still ride the roller coasters -- virtually.
Awesome 80’s Party All Memorial Day Weekend
The Awesome 80’s Party All Memorial Day weekend starts Friday at 2pm with Sarah Sullivan and continues through Memorial Day Monday until 7pm when the Night Shift airs with Craig Allen. The Awesome 80’s Weekend is sponsored by Wise Men Distillery, stop by and get your Hand Sanitizer tod…
Another Virtual Classic Car Show
Last week Jojo Girard posted his own Virtual Michigan Classic Car Show. And let me say, I was impressed. He had some great photos of Camaros, Riviera, 57 Chevy, VW Bugs, Dodge Dart, Trucks and more.
We won't likely get to see any cars in person for a while...
Say Ciao! Chianti for Wine Weds
Seems like every Wine Wednesday I've been ordering pizza. So since pizza is served at a lot of Italian Restaurants I thought this week we could spotlight an old favorite. Chianti.
You may remember this round style wine bottle with straw bottom that your parents put a candle in it...
Wines That Rock for Wine Wednesday
Working from home for almost 50 days can put a dent in your wine collection.
So for this Wine Wednesday this week - I went looking for some gems. Who am I kidding my wine rack is getting sparse...seriously. So I may be getting a little desperate or not motivated enough to go over to the Bridge Street…
Stingray Bicycles are Worth Big Bucks
So how much could your classic Stingray be worth? A 1972 Model called the "Lemon Peeler" is currently $6,500. Guess it's worth more with a rear disc break. Another model called the "Grey-Ghost" is being offered for $3899.

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