Woodland Mall Landmark Moves Downtown
Perhaps you used it as a landmark to figure out which entrance you came in, or maybe you and your hood rat friends hung out near it when you were teenagers.
Either way, you remembered the big circular sculpture that adorned the center of the Woodland Mall. It was taken out of the Mall on Sunday,…
Throwback Thursday: Remember Pepsi Dance Trax? [Video]
Pepsi Dance Trax was a teen dance show that aired early Sunday mornings on Fox-17 from late 1988 until early 1990.
Featuring local teenagers dancing and wearing the fashions and haircuts of the time (boy, did they!!), it was hosted by top 40 DJs from WGRD, WKLQ and 104.5 Sunny FM. The show was taped …
Hey, Kool-Aid!!
Ah, yes. The dog days of summer
Growing up in a small suburb of Detroit in the '70s and '80s, the day would start with rolling out of bed on a muggy summer morning.
Our home back then didn’t have central air. So, the house was already getting warm with the morning sun, get to…

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