Usually at a city council meeting there are a lot of difficult and complicated issues being discussed. At a recent meeting in Lincoln, Nebraska, one man brought forth an issue that he thinks should be addressed in that city -- renaming "boneless chicken wings".

The man gave his name as Ander Christensen. During public comment at the city council meeting, he urged his local council to ban the term “boneless chicken wings”. He would like to see it replaced with a more accurate term like “saucy nugs”. He notes: “we’ve been living a lie” when it comes to poultry.

In his argument Christensen informs the city council that a boneless chicken wing is not actually even from the chicken's wing. They are just chicken tenders, which are from the chicken breast -- and are already boneless.

He said, “I go into nice family restaurants and I see people throwing this name around pretending everything is just fine. I don’t order boneless tacos, or boneless club sandwiches. I don’t ask for boneless auto repair.”

At one point in his commentary someone laughed and he turned to them and said "“Excuse me!”

He ended his comments by saying, “We’ve been living a lie for far too long, and we know it because we feel it in our bones/"

Here is the video...

I've never had an issue with the term "boneless chicken wings". However I can understand where the man is coming from. I've always had issue with calling chicken strips "chicken fingers". Chickens do not have hands, and thus can not have fingers. And with the size of the average "chicken finger" served in a restaurant...just imagine how big the chicken's hand would have to be to included five of those things!

And then that leads me to calling those light and sweet sponge cakes "lady fingers". While ladies do actually have fingers, I really don't want to be eating a food that is named after the part of someone's hand.

Maybe I'll present my argument locally at our next city council meeting!

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