After months of scandals, goddesses and a much-maligned national tour, it looks like Charlie Sheen is finally headed back to work.

RadarOnline is exclusively reporting that the former star of ‘Two and a Half Men’ has signed a new sitcom deal with Lionsgate Television, one that is poised to make him more money than ever before.

According to the report, Sheen will not be making $2 million per episode, like he did on ‘Men.’ The real money will potentially come from a higher back end deal instead — provided the show is actually a hit.

According to Radar, TBS is currently the frontrunner to air the sitcom — a good fit for Charlie, says the source, since it will allow the show to be “raunchier and more outrageous.” As for now, Lionsgate is committed to 10 episodes, with the option to pick up and produce and additional 90.

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