Since my hair turned grey over 20 years ago, I've enjoyed an off again/on again doppelganger relationship with recently departed Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts. Now, I need a new celebrity lookalike. Here are some contenders.

When Charlie recently dropped off the Rolling Stones tour due to bad health, a photo of him in a red t-shirt got the attention of damn near everyone who knows me.

"Dude," was the main motif of these notes, "You look like Charlie Watts!"

I had to admit, that particular photo of Charlie did catch an angle of him that looked a lot like me. It's something that's been pointed out to me for years, depending on the photo.

I don't think this effort by me to match the pose quite shows it, but here you go:

Getty Images/Casey Daniels
Getty Images/Casey Daniels

Full disclosure: I get mistaken for a lot of people. I have a very common look. It's not unheard of for me to be in line somewhere, have someone come up and begin a conversation with me only to say, "Wait. You're not (fill in the name)!"

No, I'm not.

Two years ago on a canoe trip, my friend's grandkid told me I looked like another guy canoeing with us. "Is he your twin?" the kid asked. "No," I responded, "but damned if he couldn't be."

I think the other guy was taken a back for a minute. Now, we're friends.

So now that Charlie's dead, I need a new doppelganger.

Casey has suggested I look a lot like actor Scott Glenn. What do you think?

Warner Bros/Casey Daniels
Warner Bros/Casey Daniels

I've also heard that I look like actor Campbell Scott, who played Vice President Mark Usher in the Netflix series, "House of Cards". He's pretty handsome, so I'll take it.

"Handsome Harry" New York Screening After Party
Getty Images

Do you look like someone famous? Who? Do you like being compared to that person, or do you get sick of it?

And now, in honor of the late Charlie Watts, enjoy this fantastic video of him drumming to "Jumping Jack Flash".

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