But the reason why seems a bit off. Maybe in other parts of the country, school starts a little earlier. When I lived in Kentucky, school started on August 9. That's early. Almost a month earlier than in Michigan due to Labor Day. Or maybe it's a southern thing, since Sonic is a big southern thing.

Sonic is celebrating "End of School Day" with 50 cent corn dogs all Thursday. Now school doesn't get out for another couple of weeks here, but we can all still enjoy corn dogs on the cheap! Brand Eatings story "News: Sonic - 50 Cent Corn Dogs on May 22"

"Sonic's Corn Dogs are normally priced at $1 or more (varying with location).

If you've never heard of a Corn Dog before, it's a hot dog on a stick, dipped in a corn meal batter and deep-fried. It also happens to appear on many a school's lunch menu (or at least it did when I was a kid), which makes it an odd choice to celebrate the end of school with. If the promotion sounds familiar, Sonic offered the same deal last year and also trots it out for Halloween."

So load up the mustard and get me an Orange Cream Slush treat while you are at it!