It is summer vacation time! This year, my husband and I wanted to do something different and experience a place that we had never been to before, so we chose Beaver Island.

I grew up in Michigan, and my folks were so good about taking us kids all over our beautiful state. We used to camp a lot, hitting places in both the upper and lower peninsula.  That being said, there really are not a lot of places that I have never been to in Michigan.  I have been on Mackinac Island more times than I can count, across the Mackinac Bridge numerous times, and I am pretty sure there are not too many towns along Lake Michigan that I have not visited. I have also traveled to Lake Huron a time or two.

My husband and I were really trying to find a place that would be a new experience for both of us. I have to give him credit, David was the one who said "what about Beaver Island?" That turned out to be a great choice.

To get to the island you can take the 2-hour ferry ride of a 15-minute air flight. I recommend the flight, from up in the sky you will see some of the most amazing views of Beaver Island, and the islands beautiful sandy beaches.

Around 700 people make Beaver Island their year-round home. The island is the largest island in Lake Michigan, it's about 55 miles around, and has a large area filled with forests where you can hike, bike ride, and even camp.  Beaver Island offers "glamping" for those who want to camp but don't want to rough it. Glamping is basically fancy camping.

Beaver Island is the only place in the United States that had a King. On July 8th, 1850 James Strang crowned himself the King of Beaver Island.  From everything I have read, Strang got a bit power-hungry and was assassinated in 1856.

The island is full of history and I highly recommend visiting at least once. The residents of the island are so welcoming, and it really is an awesome place. Grab your bike or rent one, that is the best way to see Beaver Island.

Photos from Beaver Island, Michigan

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