A lot of the warnings issued with the 1918 pandemic of the Spansh influenza sound familiar to us currently trying to tamp down the coronavirus, with a couple of interesting exceptions.

102 years ago, with the Spanish flu running roughshod across America, the City of Belding health Department issued a warning sheet to its residents that was printed in the local newspaper.

A lot of the warnings sound familiar to us in the age of CoVid-19 like avoid gathering in public places, get fresh air, avoid restaurants and soda fountains.

It encourages the use of face masks when treating ill relatives, and then reminding you to boil or burn them after use.

The Health Department then adds that if you become a patient with the flu you should  'keep warm, have plenty of fresh air, take plenty of water, and have (your) bowels move freely every day...'

Whoa! That's a lot to ask. Mine don't even do that now.

It also encourages to 'wear warm underwear', which is cool, because I have plenty of that.

It's an interesting read, reminding us that while this may be new to us in our lifetime, people in the past dealt with it as well. We aren't the first ones, and we won't be the last.


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