I’ve been collecting records since I was 16 and have amassed a collection of more than 200 records, but I don’t have anything like this!

Back in 2012, Amanda Ghassaei, assistant tech editor at Instructables, decided to see what would happen if she used a 3D printer to duplicate popular albums by artists like Radiohead, Nirvana and The Pixies.

The process is fairly new because only recently did 3D printing resolution become high enough to create the audio-laden grooves required for the needle to track and amplify sound.

However, despite the use of a high printing resolution there are a few limitations: the final product is stiffer than vinyl LPs because the albums are printed in resin and the playable portion is only printed on one side.

Additionally, the sample rate is only one-fourth the typical bit rate found on a standard MP3 file so the audio quality is not as great as the original recording.

"Listen" for yourself!

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