It's a little off the beaten path but a cool find none the less.

Someone posted a video on YouTube of an abandoned train trestle they found while walking through Millennium Park in Grand Rapids.

Some of the commenters were quite familiar with the area.

bruno yipes says:

To the right of this picture is a huge pile of gravel and sand and such, which has been ''groomed'' into a slope.. and underneath the pile is where there used to be a factory part of the gypsum mining industry.. and even a possible entrance to the actual mine.. I continue my search for more conclusive information. I had found a picture (once) on maps which showed the actual building pads in that specific area, very close to where the trestle would have parked at.

Never know what you'll find when you go for a walk in the park it seems.

But nobody actually asks where it is, though. If we figure that out we'll let you know.

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