Man, this summer along the lakeshore is going to be great with all the new restaurants opening up!

The latest announcement is a Chicago favorite, making their way to the Michigan side of the lake.  Gino’s East is announcing a new location in South Haven for this summer!

On their website, Gino’s East has a section set up for a location at 248 Broadway Street, South Haven but everything else about the location says “coming soon.”

Gino’s East has been around since 1966 in Chicago, and if you visit the locations in Chitown, you know that A) they’re known for their Chicago-style deep-dish pizza B)a lot of celebs have enjoyed Gino’s pizza. And C) You can write on their walls.

No info on whether they’re going to continue their wall writing in South Haven, but it is sure that when going to the lake, you’ll now be able to get famous “Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza” in South Haven this summer.

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