Every parent has been there. The school bus is minutes from arrival and something that should be routine turns into an emergency and a last-second scramble to avoid missing the bus.

One mother was forced to take the traditional last-day-of-school photo without her child in the frame due to circumstances every parent has seen before.

The list of morning distractions for kids getting ready for school is seemingly endless. Missing shoes, tying shoes, bathroom emergencies, forgotten lunches and who knows what else can make the list.

Throw in a fidget spinner and this Mom never stood a chance at a perfectly posed photo. She explained her childless photo on social media:

Here's a picture from Jonah's last day. I wasn't able to get a picture of his back as he ran to the waiting bus. I'd like to be able to blame his friend Andy for us being late, as he was balancing a fidget spinner on the tip of his nose while Jonah was supposed to be getting his shoes on, but the truth is we run late every day... 😂

It seems that on this day a trifecta of trouble made it too hard to get a photo: fidget spinner tricks (a classic...balancing on the nose), getting shoes on and shenanigans with friends.

Better luck next year!

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