When you give someone a big gift, sometimes you want to make them work for it. Case in point this video is about a father giving his sons a hard time when they wanted a new xbox 360 years ago. Only the box was full of gag gifts, bowl of rocks etc. Years later, the boys turned the tables on dad.

For my 16th birthday my parents surprised me with what I thought was a brand new Xbox 360. Upon opening the box I discovered that it did not hold an Xbox, but they keys to my first car, a Honda Civic. I was elated and very grateful for the car, but until I saw it I was still a little disappointed that the box did not hold an Xbox. When presented with the car, I went to the trunk to see if the Xbox had been placed in there. I assumed they had still purchased an Xbox since they had all of the packaging. I only later realized that my parents had merely bought the packaging on E-bay without the console inside. I purchased my own Xbox a few months later and the car served me well for several years.

I come from a family of motor enthusiasts. My father, primarily, loves everything racing-oriented. He loves the Forza franchise but has been unable to enjoy the newer installments to the franchise because he does not own an Xbox One. For Christmas my brothers and I pooled together to get him his own console so that he can join us online in the wonderful world of Forza. In the process we decided that as a form of revenge, we should reenact the events of my 16th birthday, but with him as the unsuspecting victim.

I want to give a special thanks to my dad for being a good sport, my brothers for helping make the surprise possible in such little time, and my other brother for being with us in spirit. He is currently on active duty for the US NAVY and could not join us in person for the festivities. We're proud of him and we are very grateful for his service. Happy Holidays from FPS Gamer!

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