According to a message on their Facebook page,  Ionia Public Schools will be closed on Tuesday because of a bomb threat that the Michigan State Police were investigating, which was made towards the school for Tuesday morning.

The threat was specific to the high school.  The district posted a message to their Facebook page on Sunday from the Superintendent of Ionia Public Schools,

Ionia Public’s school has been notified of a bomb threat against Ionia High School for the morning of Tuesday, September 3rd. The threat was received today by the Michigan State Police. Ionia High School will remain on lockdown until the Michigan State Police complete a search of the building Tuesday morning. Accordingly, all Ionia Public Schools will be closed Tuesday, September 3, 2019.


As the message states, Michigan State Police will do a sweep Tuesday morning before the school comes off of lockdown.  In other words, don't even try to enter the building for anything Tuesday.  For Safety, all Ionia Public Schools will be closed Tuesday.



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