I have 2 very fond memories of the Ford Pinto. The little compact made from 1971 to 1980 by Ford was a death wish. I remember Ralph Nader showing the cars exploding on TV, and I remember riding from Kalamazoo to Midland with my Cousin Wendy, and wonder how WE didn't die!

Now, calling a Pinto a "classic car" is kind of like American Movie Classic playing "Revenge of the Nerds", so when the Ford company hosts their annual "Pinto Stampede" I kind of snicker. The "Pinto Stampede" is a car show where Pinto enthusiasts meet in Dearborn and then converge on Hell (Michigan, that is!) and back to Dearborn, all in the name of the Wounded Warrior project.

"Pinto Stampede 2014 to Hell, Michigan, and Back to Dearborn – Birthplace of the Ford Pinto" tells more.

"All proceeds from sponsorships and a fundraising raffle will go the Wounded Warrior Project, which helps soldiers returning with disabilities regain normal lives. To date, the Pinto Stampede has raised over $38,000 for the organization.
“The Pinto Stampede enables Pinto enthusiasts to celebrate our cherished little cars while doing something meaningful for others,” said "Trail Boss" Norm Bagi, founder and organizer of the Pinto Stampede. “We want to keep raising money and awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project. Donations can be made through the Pinto Stampede website and go directly to the organization.”

Very cool for what was called the "little deathtrap"!

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