It's that time of year...the most wonderful time of the year! Time for the holidays and toys and kids. Of course these days, the toys are different from when WE were kids. All electronic and video and new. When I was a kid, we had toys, not little computers. Here's a look at some classic toys and their current counterparts.

Yahoo Games has a great article reviewing toys from back in the day, and the new versions. I got a Nerf football on year at Christmas when we had a heatwave. 1982 it was 65 on Christmas Day in Portage. So Gary Clemons and I played with my new Nerf. Of course today's version looks slightly cooler.

Speak and Spell was a little past my time, but look at it now-it might as well be a laptop. Or a tablet. Geez.

My 8 year old daughter LOVES My Little Pony. So of course she tons of those. Now that have Littlest Pet Shop, and and those little things. The Pony was the original and still best.

And I never had a Cabbage Patch Doll. I'm not a girl. Not that boys couldn't have a doll. I just didn't want a Cabbage Patch. A Barbie...with a skimpy bathing suit. NOW we are talking ;)

What were YOUR favorite toys as a kid? Let me know!