Fraternity hazing has never been well thought out or made any sense, and this ill planned prank at a Central Michigan University frat was so bad, it made the victim transfer to another college.  CAUTION: The photos are graphic.

A fraternity at Central Michigan University has learned the hard way that food allergies are a real thing.

The Alpha Chi Rho fraternity, which according to some is 'unrecognized' by the CMU Greek system, allegedly thought it would be a hoot to “haze” one of their new guys by smearing peanut butter all over his face while he was passed out.

There was one problem, however. The guy had a peanut allergy. As a result, the guy had some serious swelling around both of his eyes, and it looked nasty as hell.

“He could have been killed,” Teresa Seely, the mother of the student, Andrew Seely, wrote in a Facebook post.

Seely has since transferred to another school, unnamed because Teresa wants to protect her son from anymore fall out from the event, which happened in October, and went unreported until now.

“Our family is devastated,” Teresa Seely told the Detroit Free Press. “We thought we were sending our child off to school in a safe environment, and obviously that wasn’t the case. He could have died from this. He has a deadly peanut allergy.”

The University says they have no jurisidiction over the incident because the event happened off campus. The Mount Pleasant Police say they have no report filed about it.

According to a comment on the web site Total Frat Move, the fraternity involved is not officially registered and therefore is not recorgnized by CMU.

Alpha Chi Rho is not an active Fraternity on this campus. They were denied reinstatement by IFC (Interfraternity Council) this fall. They are essentially geeds (sp) who enjoy beating the s*** out of each other.

The national representatives of Alpha Chi Ro have not commented on the incident.

Didn't they ever see the 'very special episode' of 'Freaks and Geeks' where the bully doesn't believe Bill Haverchuk's peanut allergy is real and puts peanuts in his sandwich? Watch and learn.

There are two sides to every story, of course…maybe the guy was drunk and thought it was a nifty skin treatment. But come on guys, with great hazing comes great responsibility.

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