The Central Michigan Chippewas played the top-25 ranked Oklahoma State Cowboys close on Saturday, well enough to be down by just 3 points as time was expiring. The Chips scored a miracle touchdown on the final, un-timed down of the game to shock OSU.

The game's ending was not without controversy concerning the call that lead to the game-winning down. ESPN reports,

The Cowboys led the game 27-24 with four seconds left and decided to throw the ball in the air on fourth down to run out the final seconds of the game. The only problem was that no receivers ran a route and quarterback Mason Rudolph simply threw the ball out of bounds. Rudolph was flagged for intentional grounding and the officials awarded Central Michigan one untimed down from their 49-yard line.


The Controversial Final Call

The Oklahoman dives deeper into the mis-handled call on the penultimate play of the game, quoting the MAC official who crewed the game:

Mid-American Conference referee Tim O’Dey said Saturday that the Oklahoma State-Central Michigan game should not have been extended and that his officiating crew erred in giving Central Michigan an untimed down.

In the video below, Fox Sports rules analyst Mike Pereira gives his take on the officials' call, which will not be overturned.

Bahamas Bowl Flashback

The 2014 Bahamas Bowl featured a similar last-second walk-off touchdown from CMU. Trailing Western Kentucky by 7 after a 28-point 4th quarter for the Chips, it came down to the final snap of the game,

CMU found themselves down 49–42 with one second left on the clock at their own 25 yard line after a punt by the Hilltoppers. Cooper Rush threw a pass down field 48 yards, which was caught by Jesse Kroll. Kroll then lateraled the ball to Deon Butler for 10 yards, who was chased down from behind but managed to lateral it back to Courtney Williams. Williams ran forward 2 yards and threw the ball laterally to Titus Davis. Davis then ran to the sideline being chased by 4 WKU defenders and managed to dive into the corner of the end zone, hitting the pylon with the football. The play resulted in a touchdown for the Chippewas that pulled them within 1 point. However, their ensuing 2 point conversion failed as Rush's pass to the back of the end zone fell incomplete, resulting in a 49–48 WKU win.

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