You've seen MSU Basketball Coach Tom Izzo plenty of times on TV but you probably never thought you'd see him on one of the many judge TV shows!

A clip of Coach Izzo sitting as an audience member on Judge Mathis was posted to YouTube and of course made its way around the internet. When the defendant revealed he was an Ohio State fan (& from Michigan mind you)... Judge Mathis let him know what's up and who was sitting right behind him.

But what's great about the clip is how much fun Izzo looks like he's having!

The episode was taped back in August when Judge Mathis posted a picture with Izzo on his Twitter... and managed to throw some shade at Harbaugh ;-)

The episode featuring Tom Izzo will air on Thursday, December 7th.

Oh ya and in the words of Judge Mathis:

You best send your children to Michigan State!

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