Denis Leary will be signing and talking about his new book, Why We DON'T Suck, Monday night October 30 at 6pm at the Wealthy Theater. Jojo talked with him about the appearance and if America's lost its sense of humor.

Years after writing a book about how America sucks, Denis is back telling us we don't. The humorous take on America's tense political world is subtitled 'How All Of Us Need To Stop Being Such Partisan Little Bitches.'

Denis talked to Jojo about the event and how we've become a little too defensive.

They also discussed:

* Why the eight top most trustworthy people in America are all actors. (And that's not good.)

* Why he would vote for Sandra Bullock for President.

* Denis' idea for an American Idol style election process. (Which wouldn't surprise me if it happened.)

* What history would have looked like had Twitter always been around.

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