So the annual Comic Con convention in San Diego wrapped up this weekend. Im confused easily about things. When the Weather Channel runs movies, or BBC America shows "National Lampoons' European Vacation" OR The Cartoon Network has shows...that AREN'T cartoons. That confuses me.

So this year when I started seeing some of the people who were showing up at Comic Con I got a little confused. First part of the cast of Big Bang Theory came unannounced. Ok, that sort of works. They all love comics and are nerds...we except for Penny. Next it was the casts of Doctor Who and Community and The Simpsons. OK again, those are kind of comic related.

Then, the cast of How I Met Your Mother. Now I like HIMYM, so thats not it. What the bleep does that show have to do with comics? Nothing. But they DID produce a very funny NSFW video about the ninth and final season of the show. Here it is. Has nothing to with comics, but oh well.