With every Throwback Thursday that happens, I always notice the Throwback Pepsi cans in the little store in the building where the radio station is.

Throwbacks are a big business for Facebook, and products all over the country.

And more and more, companies are reaching into the wayback machine to bring back popular products from the past, to make more money.

The aforementioned full sugar versions of Pepsi and Moiuntain Dew, the Yumbo from Burger King, classic Nike shoes and others have made throwback products a viable business option.

PepsiCo should chew on a re-release of GatorGum.

PepsiCo's (PEP - Get Report) Gatorade brand is no longer just the flavored sports drink synonymous with top athletes like Michael Jordan and Usain Bolt. Rather, Gatorade is a complete system of products designed to meet the needs of workout enthusiasts.


"In addition to the traditional Gatorade sports drink, the brand has expanded into pre- and post-workout drinks with whey protein, a whey protein bar, energy gel and energy chews. The barrage of new products has led to an enviable market share position for Gatorade.


"However, there is a product missing in the Gatorade portfolio -- something for an athlete to consistently chew on while on an hour-long run or undertaking a grueling Crossfit weightlifting session. With Gatorade celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, it should consider the reintroduction of 1980s convenience store staple GatorGum to further solidify its market share position."


I LOVED Gatorgum! It tasted different than actual Gatorade, but was so good!

That's a throwback I for sure would buy! I hope these all come back!


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