A competitive eater is touring the country with a goal of completing challenges in all 50 states. That included a stop at Corner Bar in Rockford, last week.

Stephanie Wu is a four-star rated competitive eater according to Food Challenges.

Wu stopped at Corner Bar in Rockford last week to attempt to eat 20 chili dogs in four hours.

If you eat 12 chili dogs in four hours, your name is added to the Hot Dog Wall of Fame. If you eat 20 chili dogs in four hours, you get your name on the wall and your meal is free.

Wu made quick work of it finishing 20 chili dogs in 57 minutes and 10 seconds. She also gave a thorough documentation of her experience on her Facebook page:

Each chili dog weighed about 0.30 lb. (0 lb., 4.76 oz.). And all 20 dogs weighed 5.95 lb. (5 lb., 15.2 oz.) (verified). This would make it a 3-star challenge on Randy Santel’s FoodChallenges scale of difficulty. They were about 5.5” long by about 2.5” wide by about 2.25” high.

The next day, Wu completed another hot dog challenge, this time at Dog Central in Mount Pleasant. She set a new house record by eating 16.5 (large) chili dogs in less than two hours. The previous women's record was 11.5 and the men's record was 16.


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