Please, for the love of God, don't try this at home. Matt Stonie sat down and shoved 200 marshmallow peeps down his pie hole this weekend to set a new world record for peep eating.

But what does all that glop do to his insides? I don't want to know.

I can hardly choke one marshmallow peep down, yet alone try and eat 200 of those awful yellow birds. All I can imagine is me choking on the peeps, and that is not gonna be solved by the Heimlich Manuever.

Matt Stonie celebrated Easter like a lot of people, with marshmallow Peeps. Unlike most, he ate 200 of them. The competitive eater managed to complete his new record in around 14 minutes. Guinness hasn't confirmed whether 200 is a new world record, but it is double Stonie's previous number.

As per usual, he recorded the entire thing, and the video shows that at about the hundred Peep mark, Stonie started to struggle. When he got down to the final few marshmallow treats, he started to look physically ill. Considering he ate about 5,600 calories worth of sugar-coated marshmallows, and about 1,360 grams of sugar, that shouldn't be surprising.

Regardless, Stonie did it, although a little disappointed at his time. Will we see 300 Peeps next year?

Stonie, if you don't know, stunned the world by upsetting long time champion Joey Chestnut at last summer's annual Hot Dog Eating contest in Coney Island, New York by eating 71 hot dogs in twleve minutes.

He also holds the world's bacon eating record, among others.

God bless you, Matt Stonie, but there is no joy for me watching you break this record.



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