Well not only did the heatwave do what it is named for, bringing a wave of heat, it also brought two rounds of severe weather through the area that left around 250,000 homes across the state without power.

WOODTV is reporting that Consumers Energy told them they’ve successfully restored all but around 86,000 of the homes and businesses affected, but even with extra crews in the mix and everyone working around the clock, it could still be a long as Wednesday before everyone is back up and running.

Consumers also told WOODTV that they’ve brought in crews from as far away as Missouri and have around 1,700 workers out in the field, but the weather, and the fact the storms happened one after another, it’s delayed the crews from being able to get things back up faster.

That still leaves around 60,000 people around West Michigan without power, according to WOODTV.

Consumers told WOODTV that since Jennison was hit hardest with the microburst the other night, they specifically started there to be good neighbors. WOODTV says Jennison alone has around 30,000 people affected by the power outages.

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